Phylogeny subsets

This tool provides a simple way to produce distributions of trees with subsets of taxa. The upper limit for the tool is 2,500 species. If larger subsets ar required you can download full trees.

The tool first trims to a subset, and then samples trees from a chosen pseudo-posterior distribution. Note that any further analyses should only be conducted with a large sample of trees.


  1. Select species from the list. Then copy and paste or drag and drop them into the box to the right. Alternatively, download the taxonomy file and paste species names from the “Scientific” column.
  2. Choose a tree distribution (see paper for details).
  3. Select the number of trees to download (defaults to minimum of 100)
  4. Click “Get Trees” to download a zipped set of randomly selected trees with metadata including accession numbers and citations to original

Results taking longer than expected?
Traffic volume may result in longer processing times. If you don't recieve an email with the completed subset trees within 24 hours, please contact us.

Callorhinchus callorynchus
Callorhinchus capensis
Callorhinchus milii
Chimaera argiloba
Chimaera bahamaensis
Chimaera cubana
Chimaera fulva
Chimaera jordani
Chimaera lignaria
Chimaera macrospina
Chimaera monstrosa
Chimaera notafricana
Chimaera obscura
Chimaera opalescens
Chimaera owstoni
Chimaera panthera
Chimaera phantasma
Hydrolagus affinis
Hydrolagus africanus
Hydrolagus alberti
Hydrolagus alphus
Hydrolagus barbouri
Hydrolagus bemisi
Hydrolagus colliei
Hydrolagus deani
Hydrolagus eidolon
Hydrolagus homonycteris
Hydrolagus lemures
Hydrolagus lusitanicus
Hydrolagus macrophthalmus
Hydrolagus marmoratus
Hydrolagus matallanasi
Hydrolagus mccoskeri
Hydrolagus melanophasma
Hydrolagus mirabilis
Hydrolagus mitsukurii
Hydrolagus novaezealandiae
Hydrolagus ogilbyi
Hydrolagus pallidus
Hydrolagus purpurescens
Hydrolagus trolli
Harriotta haeckeli
Harriotta raleighana
Neoharriotta carri
Neoharriotta pinnata
Neoharriotta pumila
Rhinochimaera africana
Rhinochimaera atlantica
Rhinochimaera pacifica
Dasyatis acutirostra
Dasyatis akajei
Dasyatis americana
Dasyatis bennetti
Dasyatis brevicaudata
Dasyatis centroura
Dasyatis chrysonota
Dasyatis colarensis
Dasyatis dipterura
Dasyatis fluviorum
Dasyatis garouaensis
Dasyatis geijskesi
Dasyatis gigantea
Dasyatis guttata
Dasyatis hastata
Dasyatis hypostigma
Dasyatis izuensis
Dasyatis laevigata
Dasyatis laosensis
Dasyatis lata
Dasyatis longa
Dasyatis margarita
Dasyatis margaritella
Dasyatis marianae
Dasyatis marmorata
Dasyatis matsubarai
Dasyatis microps
Dasyatis multispinosa
Dasyatis navarrae
Dasyatis parvonigra
Dasyatis pastinaca
Dasyatis rudis
Dasyatis sabina
Dasyatis say
Dasyatis sinensis
Dasyatis thetidis
Dasyatis tortonesei
Dasyatis ushiei
Dasyatis zugei
Himantura astra
Himantura dalyensis
Himantura fai
Himantura gerrardi
Himantura granulata
Himantura hortlei
Himantura imbricata
Himantura jenkinsii
Himantura kittipongi
Himantura leoparda
Himantura lobistoma
Himantura marginata
Himantura oxyrhyncha
Himantura pacifica
Himantura pastinacoides
Himantura polylepis
Himantura randalli
Himantura schmardae
Himantura signifer
Himantura toshi
Himantura uarnacoides
Himantura uarnak
Himantura undulata
Himantura walga
Makararaja chindwinensis
Neotrygon annotata
Neotrygon kuhlii
Neotrygon leylandi
Neotrygon ningalooensis
Neotrygon picta
Pastinachus atrus
Pastinachus gracilicaudus
Pastinachus sephen
Pastinachus solocirostris
Pastinachus stellurostris
Pteroplatytrygon violacea
Taeniura lymma
Taeniurops grabata
Taeniurops meyeni
Urogymnus asperrimus
Urogymnus ukpam
Gymnura afuerae
Gymnura altavela
Gymnura australis
Gymnura bimaculata
Gymnura crebripunctata
Gymnura crooki
Gymnura hirundo
Gymnura japonica
Gymnura marmorata
Gymnura micrura
Gymnura natalensis
Gymnura poecilura
Gymnura tentaculata
Gymnura zonura
Hexatrygon bickelli
Manta alfredi
Manta birostris
Mobula diabolus
Mobula eregoodootenkee
Mobula hypostoma
Mobula japanica
Mobula kuhlii
Mobula mobular
Mobula munkiana
Mobula rochebrunei
Mobula tarapacana
Mobula thurstoni
Aetobatus flagellum
Aetobatus narinari
Aetomylaeus maculatus
Aetomylaeus nichofii
Aetomylaeus vespertilio
Myliobatis aquila
Myliobatis australis
Myliobatis californicus
Myliobatis chilensis
Myliobatis freminvillei
Myliobatis goodei
Myliobatis hamlyni
Myliobatis longirostris
Myliobatis peruvianus
Myliobatis rhombus
Myliobatis ridens
Myliobatis tenuicaudatus
Myliobatis tobijei
Pteromylaeus asperrimus
Pteromylaeus bovinus
Plesiobatis daviesi
Heliotrygon gomesi
Heliotrygon rosai
Paratrygon aiereba
Plesiotrygon iwamae
Plesiotrygon nana
Potamotrygon boesemani
Potamotrygon brachyura
Potamotrygon castexi
Potamotrygon constellata
Potamotrygon dumerilii
Potamotrygon falkneri
Potamotrygon henlei
Potamotrygon histrix
Potamotrygon humerosa
Potamotrygon leopoldi
Potamotrygon magdalenae
Potamotrygon marinae
Potamotrygon motoro
Potamotrygon ocellata
Potamotrygon orbignyi
Potamotrygon schroederi
Potamotrygon schuhmacheri
Potamotrygon scobina
Potamotrygon signata
Potamotrygon tatianae
Potamotrygon tigrina
Potamotrygon yepezi
Rhinoptera adspersa
Rhinoptera bonasus
Rhinoptera brasiliensis
Rhinoptera hainanensis
Rhinoptera javanica
Rhinoptera jayakari
Rhinoptera marginata
Rhinoptera neglecta
Rhinoptera peli
Rhinoptera sewelli
Rhinoptera steindachneri
Trygonoptera galba
Trygonoptera imitata
Trygonoptera mucosa
Trygonoptera ovalis
Trygonoptera personata
Trygonoptera testacea
Urolophus armatus
Urolophus aurantiacus
Urolophus bucculentus
Urolophus circularis
Urolophus cruciatus
Urolophus deforgesi
Urolophus expansus
Urolophus flavomosaicus
Urolophus gigas
Urolophus javanicus
Urolophus kaianus
Urolophus kapalensis
Urolophus lobatus
Urolophus mitosis
Urolophus neocaledoniensis
Urolophus orarius
Urolophus papilio
Urolophus paucimaculatus
Urolophus piperatus
Urolophus sufflavus
Urolophus viridis
Urolophus westraliensis
Urobatis concentricus
Urobatis halleri
Urobatis jamaicensis
Urobatis maculatus
Urobatis marmoratus
Urobatis tumbesensis
Urotrygon aspidura
Urotrygon caudispinosus
Urotrygon chilensis
Urotrygon cimar
Urotrygon microphthalmum
Urotrygon munda
Urotrygon nana
Urotrygon peruanus
Urotrygon reticulata
Urotrygon rogersi
Urotrygon serrula
Urotrygon simulatrix
Urotrygon venezuelae
Anacanthobatis americanus
Anacanthobatis donghaiensis
Anacanthobatis folirostris
Anacanthobatis longirostris
Anacanthobatis marmoratus
Anacanthobatis nanhaiensis
Anacanthobatis ori
Anacanthobatis stenosoma
Cruriraja andamanica
Cruriraja atlantis
Cruriraja cadenati
Cruriraja durbanensis
Cruriraja hulleyi
Cruriraja parcomaculata
Cruriraja poeyi
Cruriraja rugosa
Sinobatis borneensis
Sinobatis bulbicauda
Sinobatis caerulea
Sinobatis filicauda
Sinobatis melanosoma
Arhynchobatis asperrimus
Atlantoraja castelnaui
Atlantoraja cyclophora
Atlantoraja platana
Bathyraja abyssicola
Bathyraja aguja
Bathyraja aleutica
Bathyraja andriashevi
Bathyraja bergi
Bathyraja brachyurops
Bathyraja cousseauae
Bathyraja diplotaenia
Bathyraja eatonii
Bathyraja fedorovi
Bathyraja griseocauda
Bathyraja hesperafricana
Bathyraja irrasa
Bathyraja ishiharai
Bathyraja isotrachys
Bathyraja kincaidii
Bathyraja leucomelanos
Bathyraja lindbergi
Bathyraja longicauda
Bathyraja maccaini
Bathyraja maculata
Bathyraja mariposa
Bathyraja matsubarai
Bathyraja meridionalis
Bathyraja microtrachys
Bathyraja minispinosa
Bathyraja notoroensis
Bathyraja pallida
Bathyraja panthera
Bathyraja papilionifera
Bathyraja parmifera
Bathyraja peruana
Bathyraja richardsoni
Bathyraja scaphiops
Bathyraja schroederi
Bathyraja shuntovi
Bathyraja simoterus
Bathyraja smirnovi
Bathyraja smithii
Bathyraja spinicauda
Bathyraja spinosissima
Bathyraja trachouros
Bathyraja trachura
Bathyraja tunae
Bathyraja tzinovskii
Bathyraja violacea
Brochiraja aenigma
Brochiraja albilabiata
Brochiraja asperula
Brochiraja heuresa
Brochiraja leviveneta
Brochiraja microspinifera
Brochiraja spinifera
Brochiraja vittacauda
Insentiraja laxipella
Insentiraja subtilispinosa
Irolita waitii
Irolita westraliensis
Notoraja alisae
Notoraja azurea
Notoraja fijiensis
Notoraja hirticauda
Notoraja inusitata
Notoraja lira
Notoraja longiventralis
Notoraja ochroderma
Notoraja sapphira
Notoraja sticta
Notoraja tobitukai
Pavoraja alleni
Pavoraja arenaria
Pavoraja mosaica
Pavoraja nitida
Pavoraja pseudonitida
Pavoraja umbrosa
Psammobatis bergi
Psammobatis extenta
Psammobatis lentiginosa
Psammobatis normani
Psammobatis parvacauda
Psammobatis rudis
Psammobatis rutrum
Psammobatis scobina
Pseudoraja fischeri
Rhinoraja albomaculata
Rhinoraja kujiensis
Rhinoraja longicauda
Rhinoraja macloviana
Rhinoraja magellanica
Rhinoraja multispinis
Rhinoraja murrayi
Rhinoraja odai
Rhinoraja taranetzi
Rioraja agassizii
Sympterygia acuta
Sympterygia bonapartii
Sympterygia brevicaudata
Sympterygia lima
Amblyraja badia
Amblyraja doellojuradoi
Amblyraja frerichsi
Amblyraja georgiana
Amblyraja hyperborea
Amblyraja jenseni
Amblyraja radiata
Amblyraja reversa
Amblyraja robertsi
Amblyraja taaf
Breviraja claramaculata
Breviraja colesi
Breviraja nigriventralis
Breviraja spinosa
Dactylobatus armatus
Dactylobatus clarkii
Dentiraja flindersi
Dentiraja lemprieri
Dipturus acrobelus
Dipturus apricus
Dipturus australis
Dipturus batis
Dipturus bullisi
Dipturus campbelli
Dipturus canutus
Dipturus cerva
Dipturus confusus
Dipturus crosnieri
Dipturus doutrei
Dipturus ecuadoriensis
Dipturus endeavouri
Dipturus falloargus
Dipturus flavirostris
Dipturus garricki
Dipturus gigas
Dipturus grahami
Dipturus gudgeri
Dipturus healdi
Dipturus innominatus
Dipturus intermedia
Dipturus johannisdavesi
Dipturus kwangtungensis
Dipturus laevis
Dipturus lanceorostratus
Dipturus leptocaudus
Dipturus macrocauda
Dipturus melanospilus
Dipturus mennii
Dipturus nidarosiensis
Dipturus oculus
Dipturus olseni
Dipturus oregoni
Dipturus oxyrinchus
Dipturus polyommata
Dipturus pullopunctata
Dipturus queenslandicus
Dipturus springeri
Dipturus stenorhynchus
Dipturus teevani
Dipturus tengu
Dipturus trachydermus
Dipturus wengi
Dipturus wuhanlingi
Fenestraja atripinna
Fenestraja cubensis
Fenestraja ishiyamai
Fenestraja maceachrani
Fenestraja mamillidens
Fenestraja plutonia
Fenestraja sibogae
Fenestraja sinusmexicanus
Gurgesiella atlantica
Gurgesiella dorsalifera
Gurgesiella furvescens
Hongeo koreana
Leucoraja caribbaea
Leucoraja circularis
Leucoraja compagnoi
Leucoraja erinacea
Leucoraja fullonica
Leucoraja garmani
Leucoraja lentiginosa
Leucoraja leucosticta
Leucoraja melitensis
Leucoraja naevus
Leucoraja ocellata
Leucoraja pristispina
Leucoraja virginica
Leucoraja wallacei
Leucoraja yucatanensis
Malacoraja kreffti
Malacoraja obscura
Malacoraja senta
Malacoraja spinacidermis
Neoraja africana
Neoraja caerulea
Neoraja carolinensis
Neoraja iberica
Neoraja stehmanni
Okamejei acutispina
Okamejei arafurensis
Okamejei boesemani
Okamejei cairae
Okamejei heemstrai
Okamejei hollandi
Okamejei jensenae
Okamejei kenojei
Okamejei leptoura
Okamejei meerdervoortii
Okamejei mengae
Okamejei philipi
Okamejei pita
Okamejei porosa
Okamejei powelli
Okamejei schmidti
Raja ackleyi
Raja africana
Raja asterias
Raja atriventralis
Raja bahamensis
Beringraja binoculata
Raja brachyura
Raja cervigoni
Raja chinensis
Raja clavata
Raja cortezensis
Raja eglanteria
Raja equatorialis
Raja herwigi
Raja inornata
Raja macrorynchus
Raja maderensis
Raja microocellata
Raja miraletus
Raja montagui
Raja polystigma
Beringraja pulchra
Raja radula
Raja rhina
Raja rondeleti
Raja rouxi
Raja stellulata
Raja straeleni
Raja texana
Raja undulata
Raja velezi
Rajella alia
Rajella annandalei
Rajella barnardi
Rajella bathyphila
Rajella bigelowi
Rajella caudaspinosa
Rajella challengeri
Rajella dissimilis
Rajella eisenhardti
Rajella fuliginea
Rajella fyllae
Rajella kukujevi
Rajella leopardus
Rajella lintea
Rajella nigerrima
Rajella purpuriventralis
Rajella ravidula
Rajella sadowskii
Rostroraja alba
Spiniraja whitleyi
Zearaja argentinensis
Zearaja chilensis
Zearaja maugeana
Zearaja nasuta
Anoxypristis cuspidata
Pristis clavata
Pristis pectinata
Pristis pristis
Pristis zijsron
Rhina ancylostoma
Acroteriobatus annulatus
Acroteriobatus blochii
Acroteriobatus leucospilus
Acroteriobatus ocellatus
Acroteriobatus salalah
Acroteriobatus variegatus
Acroteriobatus zanzibarensis
Aptychotrema rostrata
Aptychotrema timorensis
Aptychotrema vincentiana
Glaucostegus cemiculus
Glaucostegus granulatus
Glaucostegus halavi
Glaucostegus microphthalmus
Glaucostegus obtusus
Glaucostegus spinosus
Glaucostegus thouin
Glaucostegus typus
Rhinobatos albomaculatus
Rhinobatos annandalei
Rhinobatos formosensis
Rhinobatos glaucostigma
Rhinobatos holcorhynchus
Rhinobatos horkelii
Rhinobatos hynnicephalus
Rhinobatos irvinei
Rhinobatos jimbaranensis
Rhinobatos lentiginosus
Rhinobatos leucorhynchus
Rhinobatos lionotus
Rhinobatos nudidorsalis
Rhinobatos penggali
Rhinobatos percellens
Rhinobatos planiceps
Rhinobatos prahli
Rhinobatos productus
Rhinobatos punctifer
Rhinobatos rhinobatos
Rhinobatos sainsburyi
Rhinobatos schlegelii
Trygonorrhina dumerilii
Trygonorrhina fasciata
Trygonorrhina melaleuca
Zapteryx brevirostris
Zapteryx exasperata
Zapteryx xyster
Rhynchobatus australiae
Rhynchobatus djiddensis
Rhynchobatus laevis
Rhynchobatus luebberti
Rhynchobatus palpebratus
Rhynchobatus springeri
Zanobatus schoenleinii
Hypnos monopterygius
Benthobatis kreffti
Benthobatis marcida
Benthobatis moresbyi
Benthobatis yangi
Diplobatis colombiensis
Diplobatis guamachensis
Diplobatis ommata
Diplobatis pictus
Discopyge castelloi
Discopyge tschudii
Narcine atzi
Narcine bancroftii
Narcine bicolor
Narcine brasiliensis
Narcine brevilabiata
Narcine brunnea
Narcine entemedor
Narcine firma
Narcine insolita
Narcine lasti
Narcine leoparda
Narcine lingula
Narcine maculata
Narcine nelsoni
Narcine nigra
Narcine oculifera
Narcine ornata
Narcine prodorsalis
Narcine rierai
Narcine tasmaniensis
Narcine timlei
Narcine vermiculatus
Narcine westraliensis
Crassinarke dormitor
Electrolux addisoni
Heteronarce bentuviai
Heteronarce garmani
Heteronarce mollis
Heteronarce prabhui
Narke capensis
Narke dipterygia
Narke japonica
Temera hardwickii
Typhlonarke aysoni
Typhlonarke tarakea
Platyrhina hyugaensis
Platyrhina sinensis
Platyrhina tangi
Platyrhinoidis triseriata
Torpedo adenensis
Torpedo alexandrinsis
Torpedo andersoni
Torpedo bauchotae
Torpedo californica
Torpedo fairchildi
Torpedo formosa
Torpedo fuscomaculata
Torpedo mackayana
Torpedo macneilli
Torpedo marmorata
Torpedo microdiscus
Torpedo nobiliana
Torpedo panthera
Torpedo peruana
Torpedo polleni
Torpedo puelcha
Torpedo semipelagica
Torpedo sinuspersici
Torpedo suessii
Torpedo tokionis
Torpedo torpedo
Torpedo tremens
Torpedo zugmayeri
Carcharhinus acronotus
Carcharhinus albimarginatus
Carcharhinus altimus
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos
Carcharhinus amboinensis
Carcharhinus borneensis
Carcharhinus brachyurus
Carcharhinus brevipinna
Carcharhinus cautus
Carcharhinus cerdale
Carcharhinus coatesi
Carcharhinus dussumieri
Carcharhinus falciformis
Carcharhinus fitzroyensis
Carcharhinus galapagensis
Carcharhinus hemiodon
Carcharhinus isodon
Carcharhinus leiodon
Carcharhinus leucas
Carcharhinus limbatus
Carcharhinus longimanus
Carcharhinus macloti
Carcharhinus melanopterus
Carcharhinus obscurus
Carcharhinus perezii
Carcharhinus plumbeus
Carcharhinus porosus
Carcharhinus sealei
Carcharhinus signatus
Carcharhinus sorrah
Carcharhinus tilstoni
Carcharhinus tjutjot
Carcharhinus wheeleri
Galeocerdo cuvier
Glyphis fowlerae
Glyphis gangeticus
Glyphis garricki
Glyphis glyphis
Glyphis siamensis
Glyphis sp.1
Isogomphodon oxyrhynchus
Lamiopsis temminckii
Lamiopsis tephrodes
Loxodon macrorhinus
Nasolamia velox
Negaprion acutidens
Negaprion brevirostris
Prionace glauca
Rhizoprionodon acutus
Rhizoprionodon lalandii
Rhizoprionodon longurio
Rhizoprionodon oligolinx
Rhizoprionodon porosus
Rhizoprionodon taylori
Rhizoprionodon terraenovae
Scoliodon laticaudus
Scoliodon macrorhynchos
Triaenodon obesus
Chaenogaleus macrostoma
Hemigaleus australiensis
Hemigaleus microstoma
Hemipristis elongata
Paragaleus leucolomatus
Paragaleus pectoralis
Paragaleus randalli
Paragaleus tengi
Leptocharias smithii
Ctenacis fehlmanni
Eridacnis barbouri
Eridacnis radcliffei
Eridacnis sinuans
Proscyllium habereri
Proscyllium magnificum
Proscyllium venustum
Gollum attenuatus
Gollum suluensis
Planonasus parini
Pseudotriakis microdon
Apristurus albisoma
Apristurus ampliceps
Apristurus aphyodes
Apristurus australis
Apristurus brunneus
Apristurus bucephalus
Apristurus canutus
Apristurus exsanguis
Apristurus fedorovi
Apristurus gibbosus
Apristurus herklotsi
Apristurus indicus
Apristurus internatus
Apristurus investigatoris
Apristurus japonicus
Apristurus kampae
Apristurus laurussonii
Apristurus longicephalus
Apristurus macrorhynchus
Apristurus macrostomus
Apristurus manis
Apristurus melanoasper
Apristurus microps
Apristurus micropterygeus
Apristurus nasutus
Apristurus parvipinnis
Apristurus pinguis
Apristurus platyrhynchus
Apristurus profundorum
Apristurus riveri
Apristurus saldanha
Apristurus sibogae
Apristurus sinensis
Apristurus spongiceps
Apristurus stenseni
Asymbolus analis
Asymbolus funebris
Asymbolus galacticus
Asymbolus occiduus
Asymbolus pallidus
Asymbolus parvus
Asymbolus rubiginosus
Asymbolus submaculatus
Asymbolus vincenti
Atelomycterus baliensis
Atelomycterus fasciatus
Atelomycterus macleayi
Atelomycterus marmoratus
Atelomycterus marnkalha
Aulohalaelurus kanakorum
Aulohalaelurus labiosus
Bythaelurus alcockii
Bythaelurus canescens
Bythaelurus clevai
Bythaelurus dawsoni
Bythaelurus giddingsi
Bythaelurus hispidus
Bythaelurus immaculatus
Bythaelurus incanus
Bythaelurus lutarius
Cephaloscyllium albipinnum
Cephaloscyllium cooki
Cephaloscyllium fasciatum
Cephaloscyllium hiscosellum
Cephaloscyllium isabellum
Cephaloscyllium laticeps
Cephaloscyllium maculatum
Cephaloscyllium pardelotum
Cephaloscyllium pictum
Cephaloscyllium sarawakensis
Cephaloscyllium signourum
Cephaloscyllium silasi
Cephaloscyllium speccum
Cephaloscyllium stevensi
Cephaloscyllium sufflans
Cephaloscyllium umbratile
Cephaloscyllium variegatum
Cephaloscyllium ventriosum
Cephaloscyllium zebrum
Cephalurus cephalus
Figaro boardmani
Figaro striatus
Galeus antillensis
Galeus arae
Galeus atlanticus
Galeus cadenati
Galeus eastmani
Galeus gracilis
Galeus longirostris
Galeus melastomus
Galeus mincaronei
Galeus murinus
Galeus nipponensis
Galeus piperatus
Galeus polli
Galeus priapus
Galeus sauteri
Galeus schultzi
Galeus springeri
Halaelurus boesemani
Halaelurus buergeri
Halaelurus lineatus
Halaelurus maculosus
Halaelurus natalensis
Halaelurus quagga
Halaelurus sellus
Haploblepharus edwardsii
Haploblepharus fuscus
Haploblepharus kistnasamyi
Haploblepharus pictus
Holohalaelurus favus
Holohalaelurus grennian
Holohalaelurus melanostigma
Holohalaelurus punctatus
Holohalaelurus regani
Parmaturus albimarginatus
Parmaturus albipenis
Parmaturus bigus
Parmaturus campechiensis
Parmaturus lanatus
Parmaturus macmillani
Parmaturus melanobranchus
Parmaturus pilosus
Parmaturus sp.
Parmaturus xaniurus
Pentanchus profundicolus
Poroderma africanum
Poroderma pantherinum
Schroederichthys bivius
Schroederichthys chilensis
Schroederichthys maculatus
Schroederichthys saurisqualus
Schroederichthys tenuis
Scyliorhinus besnardi
Scyliorhinus boa
Scyliorhinus canicula
Scyliorhinus capensis
Scyliorhinus cervigoni
Scyliorhinus comoroensis
Scyliorhinus garmani
Scyliorhinus haeckelii
Scyliorhinus hesperius
Scyliorhinus meadi
Scyliorhinus retifer
Scyliorhinus stellaris
Scyliorhinus tokubee
Scyliorhinus torazame
Scyliorhinus torrei
Eusphyra blochii
Sphyrna corona
Sphyrna lewini
Sphyrna media
Sphyrna mokarran
Sphyrna tiburo
Sphyrna tudes
Sphyrna zygaena
Furgaleus macki
Galeorhinus galeus
Gogolia filewoodi
Hemitriakis abdita
Hemitriakis complicofasciata
Hemitriakis falcata
Hemitriakis indroyonoi
Hemitriakis japanica
Hemitriakis leucoperiptera
Hypogaleus hyugaensis
Iago garricki
Iago omanensis
Mustelus albipinnis
Mustelus antarcticus
Mustelus asterias
Mustelus californicus
Mustelus canis
Mustelus dorsalis
Mustelus fasciatus
Mustelus griseus
Mustelus henlei
Mustelus higmani
Mustelus lenticulatus
Mustelus lunulatus
Mustelus manazo
Mustelus mangalorensis
Mustelus mento
Mustelus minicanis
Mustelus mosis
Mustelus mustelus
Mustelus norrisi
Mustelus palumbes
Mustelus punctulatus
Mustelus ravidus
Mustelus schmitti
Mustelus sinusmexicanus
Mustelus stevensi
Mustelus walkeri
Mustelus whitneyi
Mustelus widodoi
Scylliogaleus quecketti
Triakis acutipinna
Triakis maculata
Triakis megalopterus
Triakis scyllium
Triakis semifasciata
Heterodontus francisci
Heterodontus galeatus
Heterodontus japonicus
Heterodontus mexicanus
Heterodontus omanensis
Heterodontus portusjacksoni
Heterodontus quoyi
Heterodontus ramalheira
Heterodontus zebra
Alopias pelagicus
Alopias superciliosus
Alopias vulpinus
Cetorhinus maximus
Carcharodon carcharias
Isurus oxyrinchus
Isurus paucus
Lamna ditropis
Lamna nasus
Megachasma pelagios
Mitsukurina owstoni
Carcharias taurus
Odontaspis ferox
Odontaspis noronhai
Pseudocarcharias kamoharai
Brachaelurus colcloughi
Brachaelurus waddi
Ginglymostoma cirratum
Nebrius ferrugineus
Pseudoginglymostoma brevicaudatum
Chiloscyllium arabicum
Chiloscyllium burmensis
Chiloscyllium griseum
Chiloscyllium hasseltii
Chiloscyllium indicum
Chiloscyllium plagiosum
Chiloscyllium punctatum
Hemiscyllium freycineti
Hemiscyllium galei
Hemiscyllium hallstromi
Hemiscyllium henryi
Hemiscyllium michaeli
Hemiscyllium ocellatum
Hemiscyllium strahani
Hemiscyllium trispeculare
Eucrossorhinus dasypogon
Orectolobus floridus
Orectolobus halei
Orectolobus hutchinsi
Orectolobus japonicus
Orectolobus leptolineatus
Orectolobus maculatus
Orectolobus ornatus
Orectolobus parvimaculatus
Orectolobus reticulatus
Orectolobus wardi
Sutorectus tentaculatus
Cirrhoscyllium expolitum
Cirrhoscyllium formosanum
Cirrhoscyllium japonicum
Parascyllium collare
Parascyllium elongatum
Parascyllium ferrugineum
Parascyllium sparsimaculatum
Parascyllium variolatum
Rhincodon typus
Stegostoma fasciatum
Chlamydoselachus africana
Chlamydoselachus anguineus
Heptranchias perlo
Hexanchus griseus
Hexanchus nakamurai
Hexanchus vitulus
Notorynchus cepedianus
Pliotrema warreni
Pristiophorus cirratus
Pristiophorus delicatus
Pristiophorus japonicus
Pristiophorus nancyae
Pristiophorus nudipinnis
Pristiophorus schroederi
Centrophorus atromarginatus
Centrophorus granulosus
Centrophorus harrissoni
Centrophorus isodon
Centrophorus lusitanicus
Centrophorus moluccensis
Centrophorus seychellorum
Centrophorus squamosus
Centrophorus tessellatus
Centrophorus westraliensis
Centrophorus zeehaani
Deania calcea
Deania hystricosa
Deania profundorum
Deania quadrispinosa
Dalatias licha
Euprotomicroides zantedeschia
Euprotomicrus bispinatus
Heteroscymnoides marleyi
Isistius brasiliensis
Isistius labialis
Isistius plutodus
Mollisquama parini
Squaliolus aliae
Squaliolus laticaudus
Echinorhinus brucus
Echinorhinus cookei
Aculeola nigra
Centroscyllium excelsum
Centroscyllium fabricii
Centroscyllium granulatum
Centroscyllium kamoharai
Centroscyllium nigrum
Centroscyllium ornatum
Centroscyllium ritteri
Etmopterus bigelowi
Etmopterus brachyurus
Etmopterus bullisi
Etmopterus burgessi
Etmopterus carteri
Etmopterus caudistigmus
Etmopterus compagnoi
Etmopterus decacuspidatus
Etmopterus dianthus
Etmopterus dislineatus
Etmopterus evansi
Etmopterus fusus
Etmopterus gracilispinis
Etmopterus granulosus
Etmopterus hillianus
Etmopterus joungi
Etmopterus litvinovi
Etmopterus lucifer
Etmopterus molleri
Etmopterus perryi
Etmopterus polli
Etmopterus princeps
Etmopterus pseudosqualiolus
Etmopterus pusillus
Etmopterus pycnolepis
Etmopterus robinsi
Etmopterus schmidti
Etmopterus schultzi
Etmopterus sculptus
Etmopterus sentosus
Etmopterus sheikoi
Etmopterus spinax
Etmopterus splendidus
Etmopterus unicolor
Etmopterus viator
Etmopterus villosus
Etmopterus virens
Trigonognathus kabeyai
Oxynotus bruniensis
Oxynotus caribbaeus
Oxynotus centrina
Oxynotus japonicus
Oxynotus paradoxus
Centroscymnus coelolepis
Centroscymnus owstonii
Centroselachus crepidater
Proscymnodon macracanthus
Proscymnodon plunketi
Scymnodalatias albicauda
Scymnodalatias garricki
Scymnodalatias oligodon
Scymnodalatias sherwoodi
Scymnodon ringens
Somniosus antarcticus
Somniosus longus
Somniosus microcephalus
Somniosus pacificus
Somniosus rostratus
Zameus ichiharai
Zameus squamulosus
Cirrhigaleus asper
Cirrhigaleus australis
Cirrhigaleus barbifer
Squalus acanthias
Squalus albifrons
Squalus altipinnis
Squalus blainville
Squalus brevirostris
Squalus bucephalus
Squalus chloroculus
Squalus crassispinus
Squalus cubensis
Squalus edmundsi
Squalus formosus
Squalus grahami
Squalus griffini
Squalus hemipinnis
Squalus japonicus
Squalus lalannei
Squalus megalops
Squalus melanurus
Squalus mitsukurii
Squalus montalbani
Squalus nasutus
Squalus notocaudatus
Squalus rancureli
Squalus raoulensis
Squalus suckleyi
Squatina aculeata
Squatina africana
Squatina albipunctata
Squatina argentina
Squatina armata
Squatina australis
Squatina caillieti
Squatina californica
Squatina dumeril
Squatina formosa
Squatina guggenheim
Squatina japonica
Squatina legnota
Squatina nebulosa
Squatina occulta
Squatina oculata
Squatina pseudocellata
Squatina squatina
Squatina tergocellata
Squatina tergocellatoides

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